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#1 Matsutake Mushrooms

#1 Matsutake Mushrooms

100 Grams

The Matsutake, or Pine Mushroom (Tricholoma matsutake), is a wild, BC forest-foraged fungus with an intense, resinaceous and spicy flavour. Highly prized in Japan, where it is typically used much like truffles are used in European cuisine, to infuse simple dishes with unparalleled flavour. Best prepared by slicing thinly and cooking in with rice, so that its flavour is absorbed by the grains, then served atop the rice in a bowl. Simple, delicate, iconic. Various grades exist in the mushroom industry denoting Matsutake quality, with #1 being 'gift quality', i.e. suitable for presenting as a gift to express respect. #1 Matsutake represent the most flavourful, pristine, unopened button specimens. Once opened through maturity or damaged by animals in the wild, Matsutake flavour and aroma quickly diminishes.

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    Tricholoma matsutake, the Pine Mushroom: cook thoroughly to break down the fibre in mushroom cell walls for digestion. Good source of protein, vitamins and minerals, anti-oxidants and dietary fibre,  low in fat and cholesterol.


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