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'Chondrofell' proprietary hardwood tree and shrub regrowth inhibitor

'Chondrofell' proprietary hardwood tree and shrub regrowth inhibitor


'Chondrofell' (TM) is a propietary treatment containing the live mycelium of Chondrostereum purpureum, aka the Silver Leaf Disease fungus. Applied to the stump after felling the tree, C. purpureum effectively inhibits vernal regrowth in hardwood tree species and shrubs without significantly affecting surrounding conifers, and eventually decomposes the stump without the need for further intervention. C. purpureum is an approved organic biocidal control solution for woodland and landscape management that avoids the need for stump removal without the use of chemicals that may harm the environment.  Not recommended for use near fruit trees due to the risk of biological spread. This product should be refrigerated until use to extend shelf-life.

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  • "Chondrofell" (TM) Storage

    "Chondrofell" (TM) is a live culture product. Refrigerate until use to extend product shelf-life.

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