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Cordyceps militaris Grow Kit

Cordyceps militaris Grow Kit


Our Cordyceps militaris Grow Kit is a great way to cultivate this delicious gourmet edible mushroom in your own home to ensure optimal freshness at harvest. The reusable or recyclable polypropylene container provided includes a lid with a filter to manage gas exchange, internal humidity and keep out contaminants. You just need to find a cool place (important: never over 21 degrees C) with indirect sunlight to store it until it fruits.Once the nutrition in your grow kit is used up, and all your mushrooms are picked, the substrate can be removed for cooking and eating as a tempeh-like product (containing fermented organic brown rice, chickpea and cassava flour, spirulina and kelp) or buried in your garden or planter with the hope that the mycelium will spread, providing seasonal Cordyceps militaris outdoors for years to come! 

  • Cordyceps militaris

    Choice, gourmet edible mushroom often used in risotto, where its juices replace chicken stock in the recipe. A wide range of medicinal properties are currently under scientific review, with documented advantages to training athletes and oxygen/energy pathway efficiency.

  • Specifications:

    Each grow kit contains approximately 85g of carefully prepared and inoculated substrate material. Expected yield per container is approximately 10-30g fresh Cordyceps militaris fruiting bodies ("mushroom"). Multiple yields may be possible by rehydrating the substrate 'puck' with sterilized water, although removal of the lid for harvesting is likely to result in airborne microbiological contamination of the substrate. Instead, it's recommended to consume the substrate directly, or plant in a vegetable patch or planter, which will give the live mycelium an opportunity to colonise the soil and locate wild nutrient sources. Note: our grow kits are vegan, but in the 'wild' of your garden, Cordyceps militaris will grow from soil-dwelling insects.

    Store in a cool (<21 degrees C) location with indirect sunlight.

    May take up to 60 days for harvest; watch for the formation of tiny buds on the ends of the stroma (the club-shaped extrusion of fungal tissue intended for consumption)

  • Difficulty Level - Hard

    We have provided a special growing container and growth medium which eliminates most of the difficulties associated with cultivating Cordyceps militaris, but it is still very important to ensure the container is constantly stored below 21 degrees C throughout its cultivation; a second, filamentous fungal species co-exists in the culture, and if temperatures exceed 21 degrees C its growth will be triggered, whereupon it will overgrow the substrate surface and/or fruiting bodies with a fluffy, white covering, resulting in contamination of your precious mushrooms! So, despite all our efforts to simplify your task, we're still rating these mushrooms as 'Hard' to grow, but this difficulty can be reduced outside of the Summer months.

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