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Dragon Oyster Mushrooms

Dragon Oyster Mushrooms

100 Grams

The Dragon Oyster Mushroom (Pleurotus euosmus), with its pronouced Tarragon fragrance and flavour, is part of the aromatic Pleurotus djamor-cornucopiae clade, being closely related to the other intenseley aromatic and flavourful Golden, Pink and Branched Oyster Mushrooms. It is regarded as the most uniquely flavourful and delicious of all the Oyster Mushrooms, but because of its culinary rarity, few have tasted it.


It's flavour profile pairs especially well with French cuisine, roasts and Full English Breakfasts, herbaceously cutting through fatty dishes with ease. Known to grow only in the wilds of England and Scotland, the Dragon Oyster Mushroom evokes Arthurian legends and the mist shrouded lands of Avalon. Try roast pork and potatoes with Dragon Oyster Mushroom Duxelle for a Rennaisance feast. Or grab your knives and (pitch)forks to defeat a plateful of Dragon Oyster Calamari!

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    Pleurotus euosmus, the Dragon Oyster Mushroom: cook thoroughly to break down the fibre in mushroom cell walls for digestion. Good source of protein, vitamins and minerals, anti-oxidants and dietary fibre,  low in fat and cholesterol.


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