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Dried Oyster Mushrooms 'Enoki Style'

Dried Oyster Mushrooms 'Enoki Style'

10 Grams

Specially cultivated in a high CO2 environment, Oyster Mushrooms (along with Enoki) develop a long, firm stem and a small cap. This structure and texture lend especially well to soups and stews, but can be equally at home in stir fries, hot pot and salads. Our dried, 'Enoki Style' Oyster Mushroom varieties have been curated to add an exotic twist and umami flavour to clear soups, complimenting or replacing seafood ingredients. Added directly to hot water they should fully rehydrate in 20-30 minutes, absorbing the water and any added flavours. Stems should retain a firm bite texture, similar to asparagus stems or squid. Once cooked thoroughly, you can expect their dried weight to multiply around five times.

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