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Fresh Cascade Hop Cones

Fresh Cascade Hop Cones

10 Grams

Naturally Grown from locally sourced rhizomes, this popular hop cultivar pretty much defines the Pale Ale style. Although hops are traditionally known to be Nitrogen-needy, and recommended to be fertilized at the start of each growing season, we've found that planting in raised beds alongside our outdoor mushroom varieties allows a sharing of resources, eliminating the need for added fertilizers.


In addition to their historical use in beer making, hops are currently on the rise as a soothing, calming and sleep-inducing herbal tea ingredient, either alone or combined with Mint,  Chamomile, Lemongrass and Reishi. For tea-making, ideally use hot, but not boiling water (80C) to prevent the evaporation of Cascade's aromatic oils during steeping. Many homebrewing hobbyists follow this same protocol when adding "late-addition" hops to their wort, or add a cooled tea during later fermentation for "dry-hopping" to pack the finished beer with delicate hop flavours, rather than simple bittering.

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  • Cascade Hop Spec's

    • Aroma: Medium intense floral, citrus and grapefruit tones
    • Possible Substitutions
      • Ahtanum™
      • Amarillo®
      • Centennial
    • Typical Beer Styles
      • American-style Pale Ale
    • Storage Stability
      • 48 - 52% alpha remaining after 6 months
    • Alpha Acids
      • 4.5 - 7.0%
    • Beta Acids: 4.5 - 7.0%
    • Co-Humulone: 33 - 40%
    • Total Oil: 0.8 - 1.5 mL / 100g
    • Myrcene: 45 - 60% of total oil
    • Humulene: 10 - 16% of total oil
    • Caryophyllene: 3 - 6% of total oil
    • Farnesene: 4 - 8% of total oil
    • General Trade Perception: An aroma variety with well-balanced bittering potential, good for dry hopping
  • Storage Recommendations

    Supplied fresh for same-day use. Freeze or dry for long term storage (will still retain about half their aromatics for up to 6 months)

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