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Lobster Mushroom

Lobster Mushroom

100 Grams

The Lobster Mushroom is a wild, foraged fungus with an oceanic flavour, firm texture and striking, red-orange appearance. Looking and tasting like lobster, It's often used as a vegetarian/vegan substitute or supplement in recipes calling for lobster or crab. It can withstand long cooking times, and  is great for sauté, bisque, pasta, rice or noodle dishes, but just as at home with potatoes or salads. The Lobster Mushroom is a Summer-seasonal parastic fungus which grows on mycorrhizal (forest-dependant) Milk Caps and Brittle Gill mushrooms in our local forests, gradually converting the cells of their host into cells containing their own DNA.

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    Hypomyces lactifluorum, the Lobster Mushroom: cook thoroughly to break down the fibre in mushroom cell walls for digestion. Good source of protein, vitamins and minerals, anti-oxidants and dietary fibre,  low in fat and cholesterol.


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