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Pink Oyster Mushroom Grow Kit


Our Pink Oyster Mushroom Grow Kit is a great way to cultivate this delicious gourmet edible mushroom in your own home. Multiple flushes are possible from this grow kit by soaking the substrate block overnight in chilled, sterilized water. Once the nutrition in your grow kit is used up, and all your mushrooms are picked, it can be removed from the grow-bag provided and buried with woodchips or straw in your garden or planter with the hope that the mycelium will spread, providing seasonal mushrooms outdoors for years to come!

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  • Pink Oyster Mushroom, aka Pleurotus djamor

    Choice, gourmet edible mushroom often sauteed, with a ham-like, umami flavour. Our Pink Oyster Mushroom grow-kits are a warm-loving species (21 degrees C or higher to fruit), comfortably fruiting at normal to Summer-high room temperatures. This makes them relatively easy to grow indoors, but they need a good supply of fresh air. For this reason, they often thrive better outside during the summer months.

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