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Reishi Grow Jar (Small)

Reishi Grow Jar (Small)


Our Reishi Grow Jars are living works of art as well as a great way to cultivate this folk-medicinal mushroom in your own home as a tea/tincture ingredient. Place in a display cabinet or glass-fronted bookcase for best results. The small version contains approximately one litre of substrate and live Reishi mycelium in an ornamental, clear glass jar with a specially prepared lid. We provide instructions and everything you need for your kit to grow!

  • Reishi Grow Jar

    Reishi (Ganoderma lingzhi) mycelium and substrate in glass receptacle with lid/cover.

  • Maintenance

    Multiple flushes are possible from this grow jar by adding distilled water after each harvest (70% by weight of the mushroom harvested). Cover loosely after harvesting to prevent contamination and dehydration of the substrate - the next flush of Reishi will push the cover aside to reach fresh air. Fully matured conks will darken towards their growing edges, dropping rust-coloured spores beneath. Harvest before full maturity to limit spore dispersal, and clean up any spores dropped simply by wiping with a damp cloth. Unless allergic to mushrooms or their spores, the small amount produced do not present a health hazard. Placing your Reishi Grow Jar as an ornament in a display cabinet or glass-fronted bookshelf will help maintain suitable humidity and further limit spore dispersal. Growing alongside indoor plants (e.g. 'air plants', cacti or succulents) will allow oxygen/carbon dioxide exchange between them.

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