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"Waygu Umami" vegan wagyu beef replacement - case of 6 x 1kg frozen pack

6 Kilograms

This expertly crafted vegan Wagyu beef replacement skillfully emulates the flavour, texture and signature marbling of the world's highest quality meat products, increasing the variety and satisfaction of a plant-based diet. At a fraction of the cost and environmental impact of Wagyu, this premium product is normally only supplied to restaurants! Moxie has negotiated on your behalf with the local supplier to make this product available to all our customers! Thin strip, Sukiyaki style, Umami flavour. Click on the first word link above to learn more about this amazing product from the supplier.

  • Storage Recommendations

    Precooked and frozen product. Store frozen at -20C for up to 16 months, consume within 7 days of thawing. Do not refreeze.

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