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End of Season, 2022

Our thanks to Southlands Tsawwassen Farmers' Market and all our customers for making our first year of operations such a resounding success; we just knew you'd love our mushrooms, because we do!

We just finished our final market of the year, yesterday, and although we have to wait until markets to re-open next year to bring our products to the general public, rest assured, we are continuing to cultivate our complete range of gourmet, wood-loving species at our indoor, vertical farm. By the time we get back, we'll be bringing more mushrooms than ever, and even adding a few new contenders to our line-up. If you're really missing our mushrooms and just can't wait, get in touch and we'll let you know what we have in the offing - we should be able to arrange a local delivery during our off-market months.

Happy holidays, and see you next year!

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