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Pulled... Mushrooms!!!

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In brief summary, pulling a fork down through King Oysters, and baking with a brushing of oil and spices before sautéing will give you the best textured results, but follow the link above for the full technique. recommends King Oysters for their thick, shreddable stipes (the `stem`of the mushroom), with a substitute of Blue Oysters (which also offer some firm, fibrous stipes, albeit thinner than those of Kings) should Kings be unavailable. Moxie agrees wholeheartedly with these recommendations, which we think were made based on the limited grocery store availability of gourmet mushrooms. However, from our wider variety we would like to add:

Black Pearl King Oysters, which offer a similar mass of stipe `meat` for pulling, with a more tender texture (for a `pulled chicken` substitute)

Lion`s Mane, where its entire fruiting body (the `mushroom` part we eat) which shreds most easily by hand, offering a sweet, seafoody flavour (some say lobster, some say crab)

Pink Oysters! Although delicate, compared to Kings, and somewhat lacking in shreddable stipe, no other mushroom brings the same punch of hammy, pork-like flavour and aroma as Pleurotus djamor (if you know any Latin languages, you`ll see it right there in its name). In fact, Pink Oysters crisply sautéed in coconut oil with a little Himalayan salt and smoked paprika is practically indistinguishable from bacon....

If you really want to dazzle at the table, we suggest mixing King and Pink for one serving, and Black Pearl King with Lion`s Mane for another. In our opinion, this way, the flavour and texture profiles are most complimentary.


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