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Shaggy Mane with Brown Rice

After foraging these Shaggy Maned treats on a wet October day, there isn't much time to decide what to do with them before they melt away in to an inky mess. A quick cleanup at the sink, then into a roasting pan with the lid on to pasteurise in the oven at a low temperature (200F/93C), and destroy the enzyme responsible for the deliquesence that gives the Ink Cap family of mushrooms their name. After 2 hours, a 5 pound haul of Shaggy Manes have sweated out about 2 litres of coffee-black liquid. Scooping out the mushrooms leaves the mushroom juices behind. 4 cups of slow-cooked brown rice gradually soak up every drop, imbuing every grain with the earthy flavour and aroma of the mushrooms. Served above on a cozy ottoman with a pound of sautéed Shaggy Manes, feeds a family of 5 with rice to spare, no additional seasoning needed. Happy Thanksgiving, Canada!

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